about me

At the age of fourteen, I was fascinated by black and white still photography.
I jobbed in my school holidays, cleaning windows in the different
schools in my home town and with the money I earned, I
bought my first Leica. In the house of my parents I found a space in the
basement to set up my laboratory, and I developed the film, contacts
and stills by myself.
Some years later I studied photography and worked in the Bavaria Film
studios and Laboratory in Munich, Geiselgasteig. I spent some time in
Paris as a photographer shooting for fashion magazines: Marie Claire
and Vogue.
Moving back to Munich I worked as a focus puller for various film
companies, advertising projects, TV series and international movies.
During this time I had the chance to learn from great cameramen, so I
am grateful for this profound knowledge, great collaboration and experience.
Then I joined the BVK, the german society of cinematographers.
In the following years I made a name for myself as a d.o.p on car
commercials, beauty and scenic works. I am very much ambitions in
storytelling and today I have also the chance to develop concepts
and write movie scripts. My touch in photography goes on aesthetic
imagery, graphical composition and atmospheric lighting. I am fascinated
by colors and contrasts that transfers content and messages in
order to enhance cineastic communication as well as to underline the
appropriate emotional impact.
I shot many films around the world, still remember the great time of
analog film and now the digital photography.
One thing is sure, and I am very thankful about it, I have a great job:

Director of Photography.